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Huzhou Minzhong New Materials Co., Ltd is professional China 100% blackout roller blind fabric manufacturers and 100% blackout roller blind fabric factory, we offer wholesale 100% blackout roller blind fabric for sale online. The roller blind fabric is famous for its good heat insulation and shading properties and is the most commonly used office curtains. Our blackout roller blind fabric adopts a single-layer curtain, which has good heat insulation, sound absorption effect, economical and environmental protection, and is widely used in offices, hotels, bedrooms and schools.

Huzhou Minzhong New Materials Co., Ltd. (Huzhou Yuxi Window Decoration Co., Ltd.)

Founded in 2013, it produces various functional roller blind fabrics.

We have our own research and development department, manufacturing department, import and export trade department. We creat two brands, YUXI and TONGYU. Products have a good reputation at home and abroad, exported to Europe, Africa , Asia and other countries.

Our products cover almost the entire application field of interior decoration, which can be applied in homes, hotel, guesthouses, schools, shopping malls, all kinds of office places and so on.

Some functional fabrics can be selected for different environments to use.for example, when you need good shading, you can choose blackout fabrics; When there is a need some sunshine, you can choose semi-blackout fabric. Waterproof fabrics are also developed for customer requirements; The fabric without folding is also our excellent product.

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What are the advantages of using 100% blackout roller blind fabric?

Using 100% blackout roller blind fabric offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Here are some of the key benefits:
1. Complete Light Blocking: The primary advantage of 100% blackout roller blind fabric is its ability to block out all sources of light. This makes it ideal for bedrooms, home theaters, and any other spaces where total darkness is desired. By eliminating light penetration, this fabric ensures peaceful sleep, minimizes screen glare, and enhances privacy.
2. UV Protection: Blackout roller blind fabric effectively blocks harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from entering a room. UV rays can cause damage to furniture, flooring, and other belongings by causing fading and deterioration over time. By using blackout fabric, you can protect your interiors from UV radiation, preserving their color and quality.
3. Energy Efficiency: The dense nature of 100% blackout roller blind fabric also helps in regulating temperature by reducing heat gain during summers and heat loss during winters. This insulation effect can lower the reliance on heating and cooling systems, leading to energy savings and reduced utility bills.
4. Noise Reduction: In addition to blocking light, blackout roller blind fabric can also provide effective sound insulation. The thick and tightly woven material absorbs sound waves, reducing noise from outside sources such as traffic, neighbors, or construction activities. This can create a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.
5.atility and Aesthetic Appeal: Blackout roller blind fabric is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, offering versatility in design. It can seamlessly blend with any interior style and decor, adding a touch of elegance to the space. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more traditional feel, there is a blackout fabric option to suit your aesthetic preferences.

How does the 100% blackout roller blind fabric effectively block out sunlight?

The 100% blackout roller blind fabric is specially designed to effectively block out sunlight and other sources of light. It incorporates several features that work together to create a dark and private environment. Here's how it achieves this:
1. Multiple Layers: The fabric consists of multiple layers that are carefully engineered to block light. These layers may include a dense woven or knitted layer, a foam layer, and a reflective backing. The combination of these layers prevents any light from penetrating the fabric.
2. Light Absorption: The fabric is made from materials that have high light-absorbing properties. This means that instead of allowing light to pass through or reflect off the fabric, it captures and absorbs the light. This prevents any glare or brightness from entering the room.
3. Tight Weave or Knit: The fabric is designed with a tight weave or knit pattern that minimizes any gaps or openings. The tight construction ensures that light cannot seep through the fabric, even at the seams or edges of the roller blind.
4. Blackout Coating: Many 100% blackout roller blind fabrics are treated with a special blackout coating. This coating is applied to the surface of the fabric and enhances its light-blocking capabilities. It also makes the fabric more durable and resistant to fading or discoloration.
5. Side Tracks or Channels: To further enhance light-blocking performance, some roller blind systems include side tracks or channels. These are installed on the sides of the window frame and hold the roller blind fabric tightly against the glass. The tracks prevent any light from leaking in from the sides, ensuring complete darkness.
6. Bottom Bar or Weighted Hem: Another feature that helps in blocking out sunlight is the bottom bar or weighted hem. This component adds extra weight to the fabric, pulling it down and keeping it taut. It prevents any gaps or openings at the bottom, ensuring that no light can enter from the bottom of the blind.

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