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The Role Of Semi-blackout Roller Blind Fabric

The advantage of Semi-Blackout Roller Blind Fabric is that it can block the eyes, so you can't see indoor and outdoor people, but there is light. It is the most common semi-shading fabric, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays, but its light transmission is slightly worse than that of sunlight fabrics.
The role of roller blinds:
1. Heat insulation and energy saving, good heat insulation performance makes the indoor temperature more comfortable, thereby reducing the utilization rate of air conditioners, improving energy efficiency, and improving the environment of the earth while saving energy costs.
2. Adjust the natural light to make the sun's light pass through the fabric to produce diffuse reflection. In this way, the dazzling strong light is filtered into soft diffuse light, which eliminates the glare on the indoor computer or TV screen and improves people's visual comfort.
3. Perspective, the transparent glass building dissolves the boundary of the building space and integrates the internal and external spaces. The roller blind has an excellent one-way perspective effect. During the day, it prevents peeping outside the window and effectively protects indoor privacy; indoors, but still maintains a clear perspective effect.
Available places: business, administrative office buildings, office buildings, banks, exhibition halls, schools, hotels, restaurants, libraries, gymnasiums, hotels, greenhouses, glass rooms, laboratories, cinemas, courtyards, terraces, and sun houses of private villas and mansions, Windows of the living room or public places such as commercial pedestrian streets, coffee bars, tea houses, etc., are widely used to reflect the concept of leisure and quality life.

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