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The Installation Process Of Jacquard Roller Blind Fabric

Many homeowners like to choose fashionable curtains as decoration. Let’s take a look at the installation process of Jacquard Roller Blind Fabric :

1. Before installation, install the accessories first, determine the direction of the head, and install it according to the family's preferences. When installing, first determine the position, mark the position of the screw on the window frame, and then tighten the screw on the window frame with a screwdriver. Open the module without the bead head again, and this module can be rotated.

2. Then install the roller blind in the window frame, and also determine the corresponding position, and mark the position of the head screw on the top. Tighten the stoppers on both sides to the top of the window frame respectively with screws, and lift the rotatable module at the same time.

3. Install the rail, determine the position, and then screw in the screws. Put the right end of the upper rail directly into the head with the bead, and put the left end into the head without the bead. Then buckle the module to make sure that it cannot be loosened or moved, which means it has been installed in place. Finally, we gently pull the bead curtain down to see if it can rise.

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