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Blackout Zebra Blind Fabric Purpose And Cleanup Requirements

The main use of Blackout Zebra Blind Fabric is for shading because the blackout fabric is usually coated with multiple layers of resin mixed with color paste on its underside to achieve the effect of blocking light, heat, and ultraviolet rays. Let's take a look at the uses and cleaning requirements of Blackout Zebra Blind Fabric:

(1) You can soak the shading cloth fabric in soapy water, and then brush the dirty cloth surface lightly. It should be noted that the washing machine should be avoided because the washing machine is powerful and can easily damage the shading cloth fabric. To dry, you should choose to drip dry or hang it directly, and do not twist it hard.

(2) You can use alcohol or gasoline to wipe gently, do not twist it hard, you can use your hands to remove the water or let it dry naturally.

(3) It can be washed with warm water with soda first, then washed twice with mild detergent water or soapy water, and then rinsed with clean water. Allow drying on a clean table or frame.

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