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Application And Control Of Anti-vertigo Shangri-la Blind Fabric

Anti-Vertigo Shangri-La Blind Fabric adopts a three-layer structure with a layer of curtains in the middle of two layers of gauze. The amount of light entering can be adjusted by adjusting the angle of the curtains. The balcony is very strong at noon, we can put down the Shangri-La curtain. Putting down the curtains, the indoor light becomes particularly soft, and the scenery outside the window becomes hazy, creating a warm and romantic visual experience for the interior. In addition to hotels, Shangri-La curtains can also be used in study rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and other places.

Conventional Shangri-La curtains use pull cords or pull beads. When shading is required, the curtains are lowered to keep the curtains closed. When a part of light needs to enter, the curtains are opened to allow light to enter from the gauze. When not in use, it can be stored in the curtain box to save space and prevent dust from falling. Now that homes are becoming more and more intelligent, Shangri-La curtains can also be made into electric models, which can be raised and lowered with one button on the remote control. If you have a power source near the window, you can use the plug-in model. If there is no power source, you can use the lithium battery model. It can be used for 3 months on a single charge. As a relatively high-end curtain, the Shangri-La curtain is elegant when opened and closed. It is a window decoration product leading the fashion trend.

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